Report A/B Test Email

This article contains information about * report * explanation on A / B Test Email and the display will appear as below.

** A / B Testing Overview **

  • Recepient: Contains the number of contacts you will send to send the email.
  • Tested on: Contains the number of contacts you will test. For example in the sample image, there are 14 contacts out of 50% of the contacts, which can be concluded that the contact sent by the test email is 14 people for the sample email test A and 14 others for the sample email test B. This is the amount you specified at the beginning when determining what percentage of email contacts you want to test.
  • Variable Tested: Variables that you make references in the test email. Like when you first created the A / B Test Email, you will definitely choose a subject, content or delivery time.
  • Winning Metric: The metric you specify to determine who the email winner is from the two email samples.
  • Send Time: The duration of the A / B Test Email time that you specified at the beginning.

** A / B Testing Result **

Here you will see two sample e-mails that you tested. If * campaign * has been completed, an email winner will appear at the bottom. You can also see * report * of each test email that has been sent.

These results are the average email test results, including the email winner.

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