How to Submit a Banner to a Website

To start sending Banner campaigns, you need to know that make sure the Banner script has been properly installed on the Website. If there is an error in the Banner script installation, the Banner that you created will not appear on the website. Read here to read about how to install the Banner script.

If the script has been installed, all you need to do now is create a campaign. Here are the steps:

  1. Enter the ‘Banner Management’ menu.
  2. Click the ‘New Campaign’ button.
  3. Here you need to prepare a campaign first.
  • Campaign Name: The name for the campaign you created.
  • Recipient: Choose between All Visitor (To send to all recorded visitors) or Segmented Audience (To send to the list audience that you have created. For audience personalization you can read here).
  • Send Time: Schedule Banner delivery to your website.
  • Expired Time: Set the time until how long the Banner will appear on the website. If you do not specify an expired time, it will be automatically determined by the system, which is 4 weeks.
  1. Here you are ready to design the Banner content. Here is the explanation:

Preview Banner In this section you can see the temporary design of how the Banner will appear on your website.

Content Here you can set 3 things:

  • Image We recommend using an image with a maximum resolution of 400px for a more optimal viewing.
  • Title You can give a title to the banner or not.
  • Description Description of the banner that you create.

Action Here you can set 3 things:

  • Link to This link will be in the image that you have created. You can point it to the link you want or to the MTARGET Page.
  • Backdrop close If you want the Banner to close when the user clicks outside the Banner area, this setting needs to be turned on.
  • Display Set the number of seconds the Banner will appear when a visitor comes to the website.

If you are sure all content has been designed correctly. Then click the ‘Start Now’ button

Here you have successfully published the Banner to the website. After that, the banner will appear on the website. You can also stop the campaign manually before it expires via Dashboard Banner, then select the campaign, then click ‘Stop’.


This sent banner will only appear once per visitor. So, for example, this is the first time you come to a website where you have sent a banner, then the banner appears, but if you return to the website, the banner will not appear.

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