How to Add Participants

In the Event Management feature, you can manage participant data including adding it to the system. There are two choices you can choose, namely through importing data and adding data manually.

  1. Import data

Before importing data, make sure the file you have is a .CSV file so that the data is uploaded successfully. Here’s how to import data:

  • Enter the ‘Registrant’ menu.
  • Click the ‘Import’ button.
  • Information will appear as follows. Select product categories and coupons from the data you want to upload. Then select the data that you want to upload.

  • When finished, click the ‘Import’ button.
  1. Add data manually
  • Enter the ‘Registrant’ menu.
  • Click the ‘Add Registrant’ button.
  • Information will appear as follows, then you can fill in according to the participant’s personal data.
  • When finished, click the ‘Add Registrant’ button.

If you have finished adding participant data, it will then appear on the ‘Registrant’ menu.