Complete Your Profile

Complete the profile data as your company identity.

After completing email verification, you will be directed to log in to the MTARGET account to complete the profile. This profile needs to be filled in completely, because the profile data will display the company identity and will appear in footer when sending an email.

Profile Data


First Name : Fill with your first name. Last Name : Fill with your last name. Email Addres : The email will automatically be filled with an email that has been registered. Mobile Phone : Fill with your telephone number. Language : There are two language that you can use, between Indonesian and English. Time Format : You can choose for 12 or 24 time format.

When finished, click “Next”.

Company Data


Company Name : Fill with your company name. Address : Fill with your company address. Country : Fill with the country where company is located. City : Fill with the city where company is located Postal Code : Fill with the company zip code number. Company Phone : Fill with the company telephone number. Time Zone : Choose time zone where your company is located. Website : Fill with your company’s website. Industry : Select the type of your company.

When finished, click “Finish”.

You have finished filling out your full profile. When everything is done, you will be taken to the MTARGET dashboard.

If there are profile data that you forgot to fill in, you can click on the account at the top right. Then select settings.


After you enter settings, there will be 2 boxes. User settings and company settings. User settings for managing your profile, and company settings for managing company profiles. The email footer will be filled based on the company data.