How to Stop paying for the MTARGET Subscription Package

If you want to stop using MTARGET, here are a few things you need to do.

If you have decided to stop using MTARGET, there are a number of steps that need to be needed. This step is necessary for those of you who use a Credit Card as the payment method. Follow the steps bellow:

  1. Click your existing account in the upper right corner, then select Billing.

  1. After you enter the Billing page, the column at the bottom is called “Credit Card”. There will be a credit card that you use to pay for the subscription package.
  2. Delete the Credit Card number that you registered.

By deleting the Credit Card used to pay, when the package enters the last day, the next day your package will not be active again. Same as if you make a subscription payment via transfer. If you don’t make a subscription payment on the last day of the active period, then the next day, the features in your package will be deactivated.

Note: If your account has unsubscribed from payment and there is no payment activity within 2 weeks, the account will be automatically deleted from the system. So make sure you have exported data from the MTARGET account.