Company Setting

Organize and update your company profile with the following steps.

Click User menu (top-right corner) then select Company Settings.

Company Settings

Through Company Settings, you are able to set the company profile.

Company Profile

  • Profile Picture : Select and upload photo of your company that you’ll set as profile picture.
  • Company Name : Name of your company.
  • Website : URL of your company website.

Company Address

  • Address : Company address
  • Country : Country where your company is located
  • City : City where your company is located
  • Postal Code : Company zip code


  • Timezone : Your company’s time zone

Manage Domain & Analytic

Custom Domain

You can use custom domains for default links that have been given.

Thirdparty Support

Allows you to connect MTARGET Page with third-party analytic.

To use it, please visit the tutorial How to assign Analytic on MTARGET Page

Email Sender

Displays a list of sender name, sender email and validated status.