How to Shorten Links

MTARGET now has a feature that makes it easier for you to shorten links, without need to use a third party. You can also create a custom link. Here are the steps for shortening a link with shorten URL MTARGET:

  1. Enter the ‘Shorten URL’ menu from sidebar.
  2. Click ‘Add Link’.
  3. In the first step, you will fill in the ‘Title’ and the link that you want to shorten. If you’ve done, click ‘Next’.
  4. In the second stage, you will be asked to fill in your Custom link name at the same time which will also display the link. Then click ‘Next’ if you’ve done.
  5. Here your link has been shortened with a custom link. Click ‘Copy’ to share the link.

Link has been shortened successfully. If you want to find out more about how the Report in the Shorten URL, read the following documentation here.