Overview Contact Book

Contact book is very useful for managing all your customer contacts, either you have uploaded them to MTARGET or recognized as new customers. On Contact Book, you can add contact one by one or by importing more than one contact at once.

There are three areas on MTARGET Contact Book page, they are:

  1. Navigation and Action (upper area)
  2. Contact quota area (middle area)
  3. Contact List area (main area)

There are some sub-area on navigation and action area, they are:

  1. Page Title
    This page shows the title of your current page, according to the page that you visit at current time.

  2. Breadcrumbs
    You are able to use breadcrumbs navigation to go to previous page.

  3. Find
    On your contact book you are able to search for your contact by the label or contact name.

  4. Contact Book Action menu
    On this menu, there is add contact button with dropdown button. Add contact button use for adding contact one by one.

On the dropdown button there are five menu options, they are:

  1. Add Contact
    To add one contact at a time.

  2. Import (CSV/XLS/VCF)
    To add more than one contact at once with .csv, .xls, .xlsx, .vcf formats.

  3. Manage Label
    To allow users to add labels and edit labels.

  4. Custom Field
    To add fields on contact according to your needs and wants.

  5. Export All Contacts
    To export all contacts owned.

Contact Quota Area

You can see the overview of your contact book:

  1. Contact Quota
    At the contact quota you can see the information on your number of contacts used and the maximum number of your quotas.

  2. Detail All Contact
    In the contact details you can see the contact details are active, pending, unsubscribe and hardbounce.

Area List Contact Book

Moreover, on contact book, there is displayed list of the saved contacts and sorted by email address (sort-by-name a-z). Then again in contact book, you are able to edit contact and delete contact.

Please make sure you have add the label in each of the name that saved in the contact. So, you can do management contact more easily.



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