How to Sort Email Contacts

In this article you will learn about how to sort email contacts more easily in accordance with Contact Fields that you have previously made. There are 2 ways to sort your email contacts. First is based on the label, then the second is to search based on two options namely contact status and Contact Field.

First step

  1. Enter the Contact Book menu from Contact Management.
  2. Click the “Select label” button.
  3. Type the label you want to want.
  4. Then click the “Apply” button

This is the simplest way to sort the contacts you want to find.

Second way

This second way you can be more detailed in sorting contacts with additional contact status (Active & All Status) and based on the Contact Field.

  1. Enter the Contact Book menu, via the Contact Management dropdown button.
  2. Click the button like in the picture.

  1. There will be 2 choices. You can choose Contact Status and Add Filter. Both of these options can help you to be more detailed in sorting contacts.

Contact Status: Sorts contacts based on active contact status and all statuses (both unsubcribe or hardbounce). Add Filter: Add filters based on Contact Fields or Labels with the ‘Only’ action to only sort labels or contact fields that have been selected. Suppose you search for contacts with the ‘Only’ filter on label A, then contacts that do not have label A will not be displayed. While ‘Exclude’ is sorting email contacts that are not included in the label or contact field that has been selected. Suppose you search for contacts with the ‘Exclude’ filter on label A, then the contacts that are displayed later will not display contacts with label A.

Example: Suppose you want to sort contacts that have active status with label A without including contacts with label B. To sort them, you can choose Contact Status with the status “Active”. Then select “Add Filter”. Select “Exclude”, then select “Label”, under the name label, type label B.

  1. You can add filters according to your needs.
  2. When finished, click the ‘Apply Filter’ button.
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