How to Delete Inactive Contacts

Sometimes we may find some contacts that are no longer active, such as hardbounce contacts (invalid email or typos) or contacts who have unsubscribed. Indeed, if the contact settles in your Contact Book, it will not have any effect. Automatically in our system will not send emails to emails that have these 2 labels.

If you want to make the Contact Book more concise and clean, then you can delete the contact. But before deleting it, we suggest it’s a good idea to do a data backup first if in the future you will need or use it.

Backup Inactive Contact

  1. Go to the Contact Book menu.
  2. In the ‘All Contact Details’ section, click ‘View’ on the ‘Unsubscribe’ label.
  3. After the contact labeled ‘Unsubscribe’ appears, now click the ‘Action’ button and select ‘Export Contact’.
  4. Then an export confirmation will appear, if you are sure click the ‘Yes’ button
  5. Wait for the export process to take place. If the export process is successful, a notification will appear for you to download it.

This method also applies if you want to backup your hardbounce contacts.

After doing a data backup, now will be safer to delete the contact.

Deleting Contacts

NOTE: You cannot delete a contact entirely. You can only delete contacts periodically.

  1. Go to the Contact Book menu.
  2. In the ‘All Contact Details’ section, click ‘View’ on the ‘Unsubscriber’ or ‘Hardbounce’ label.
  3. Once the contacts have appeared, you can now start deleting contacts.
  4. Considering that deleted contacts can only be done periodically, then the only contacts that can be deleted are those that appear on the list. So, for example, if there is an email ‘’ that is included in the ‘Unsubscribe’ label but has not appeared in the list, then the contact will not be deleted.

Tips: If you have a large enough list of contacts, you can change the ‘View’ to 100. So 100 contacts will appear on the list. This will make it easier for you to delete a contact if you have a lot of contacts.

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