Basic Tutorial - Overview Contact Book

Contact Book is useful for managing all your customer contacts, whether you have uploaded them to MTARGET or new customers. In the Contact Book, you can add contacts one by one or import more than one contact at the same time.

There are three sections on the MTARGET Contact Book page, namely:

  1. Navigation and Action (top) 2.Contact quota area (middle section)
  2. Contact list area (main area)

  1. ** Add Contact **
    On the contact book action menu there is an add contact button. Add contact button is used to add contacts one by one.

  2. In the drop down button there are two menu options, namely:

    • ** Import Contact **
      To add multiple contacts at once with .csv format.

    • ** Export Contact **
      To download all contacts in your Contact Book.

Contact Quota Area

You can see an overview of the contact book, namely:

  1. Contact Quota
    In the contact quota, you can see information on the number of your contacts used and the maximum amount of your quota.

  2. All Contact Details
    In contact details you can see details of active, pending, unsubscribed and hardbounce contacts in detail.

List Area Contact Book

In addition, the contact book also displays a list of contacts that you have saved and sorted by email address (sort-by-name a-z). In the contact book, you can edit contacts and delete contacts. You can also set the fields that you want to appear in the Contact Book view by clicking the ‘Show Field’ button.

Make sure you give a label to each name stored in the contact. So, you can do contact management more easily.

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