Create and Publish Email Automation

To create automation, you can click Automation menu and click Create Automation button.


  1. Create Automation
    After you entered the Create Automation menu, fill Automation name and goal. Then, click Create.

  2. Select Trigger
    On Automation Draft, you will be able to see Trigger box. Click Select Trigger, then select one of trigger options according to your needs. Then, click Save.


  1. Select Action
    Click Select Scenario, click Action then select Send Email. Now, set your email sending time and define Is Finish Action. Afterwards, click Create.
  2. Compose Email
    After selecting action, then it will appear the box that specifies the email. Click Klik Set Email Trigger, then select Draft Email or New Email. If you are selecting Draft Email, that means you choose to use existing saved email in draft. For New Email, it means you are likely going to compose a new email.
  3. Mark as Ready
    If you have finished composing email, click Mark as Ready to have your email ready to be delivered with composed actions.


  1. Select Response
    Click Select Skenario, then select Response. Select one of the conditions (rules) for future email delivery. For example, select Opened condition, it means the next email will be sent if the email has been previously opened by the customer. Then, you define Is Finish Action, click Create.
  2. Filter
    In Opened response, you can also add filters based on location, device, operating system, and used browser, if you want to send segmented emails with a segmented customer target.


  1. Configuration Automation
    You can click Configuration to edit the Automation Name and Goal.
  2. Publish Automation
    If everything is done already, click Start to run designed email automation.
  3. Pause Automation You can click Pause to temporarily stop email automation (for example, if there is something that need be edited on email automation), or click Stop to stop email automation that already running.
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