Troubleshoot, Active email labeled as a hard bounce

If you get a recipient email that you know is still active, but is labeled as Hard Bounce there is a reason that makes the email labeled Hard Bounce. Here’s what you need to know about active email labeled as Hard Bounce:

Is it possible that MTARGET is blocked?

This can happen if you send email from MTARGET in large quantities, with close delivery times between emails that you sent before, with email afterwards. For example, in one day you send 4 emails with a short time difference between the four emails. This allows the spam filter to suspect email activity sent on behalf of the MTARGET server.

However, even though the MTARGET server is blocked from ESP, it only lasts for one or two days or is not permanent. But of course we do not recommend it because this can affect the reputation of MTARGET service email.

Is it possible to be blocked because the recipient of the email did it?

Yes, this can happen if the recipient chooses to block your email. So, the next email that you send will automatically be marked as a spam email. No matter how good you create the email content, if your email has been blocked from the email recipient, the e-mail sent will remain in the spam box. More about spam filters, you can read here

If you believe that your contact e-mail has been labeled Hard Bounce by mistake, or is due to a filter error and they agree to subscribe with you again, then you can do the following:

You can immediately delete old email data, and replace it with new email contacts. Even with the same email, you still need to add it. Once added, don’t forget to ask the recipient of the email to whitelist your email. This can prevent your email from entering the spam box.

But remember, if you have re-added the recipient’s email labeled Hard Bounce before, then you try to send an email to him and it still ends on Hard Bounce then it is certain it will continue to repeat in your email delivery. Ask the recipient to create an email address with a new one.

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