Basic Tutorial - Compose and Send Email

  1. There are 2 options that you can choose to enter the Create Email menu:
  • Through the Dashboard, click the Create button in the header. Then select Create Email.
  • Through the sidebar, then select “Email Marketing”.
  1. Enter the Email Marketing menu (you can enter the menu via dashboard or sidebar on the left). Then click the Create Email button.

Step 1: Email Configuration

  1. At the Email Configuration stage, you will be asked to fill in the email Subject (and Preheader), the Email sender you want to use and the label you want to send the email. If you want to group emails into a specific category, you can create a category or select an existing one in the ‘Campaign Category’.

  2. After that you will go to the template menu.

Here you will choose a template for your email. You can use a regular email with a predefined template, or Plain Email (This type of email only has text, you can’t add pictures, videos, etc.), or HTML email (This type of email that you have created yourself and saved in .html format).

Have you found a suitable template? Click Select. After that, you can edit the template. Customize the email that will be sent according to your wishes.

Step 2: Email Compose

At this point you can start creating the email design you want, with various components. For a more complete explanation of the components, please read here.

When you’ve finished designing the email, make sure the email is correct. Then click “Preview and Send”.

Step 3: Send Email

Here you can review your email display from Desktop and Mobile views. In addition, at this stage you can send your email or send your email testing.

  • Email Scheduler: Click the ‘Schedule & Send’ button. Then the settings for the email delivery send time will appear. Make sure your email is sent according to the Timezone. You can choose the email sending option, Immediately or Scheduled. The time that can be selected for the schedule email is only for multiples of 5 minutes. More details read here.

  • Email Test: There are two options for you if you want to do a delivery test.
    1. Contact tester, this is a feature that can help you to send a test email sent to certain email contacts. Suppose you want to test email delivery first, by sending an email to your team, you can use the Contact Tester. If you have not compiled which email contacts can receive a test email, you will be asked to list which email contacts you want to send a test email to.
    2. You can also send a test email to one person only, for example yourself before sending it to all your contacts.

Once you have confirmed everything is correct, you can make delivery by clicking the “Send” button.

If you want to share an email that has been created, you can simply click on the hyperlink in the email client that says “View email in your browser”. Later the share button will appear in the upper right corner. You can share it automatically on social media such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Telegram, Whatsapp, or you can also via a link.

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