Tutorial Exclude and Include Contact Labels

In the MTARGET system, you can send emails in a more personal and segmented manner by sending emails to certain labels. You can use exclude and include contacts from the selected labels to make the email sent more specific.

Here are ways you can do.

  1. When you composing an email, and choose a label for Recipient, click the filter button next to the label.

  2. A Recipient Detail Pop-up will appear. You can see the label that was previously selected, and the Add Filter button.

  3. Click the Add filter button. Options will appear for Exclude or Only. Exlude means that you will make exceptions according to the filter selected. Whereas Only means that you will send e-mails only to contacts that are entered in the added filter.

  4. You can create filters based on:
    • Label: filters based on contacts that have a specific label.
    • Gender: filter based on the gender of the recipient
    • Birthday: filter based on birthday
    • Phone: filter based on telephone numbers
    • Company: filter based on the recipient company
    • Country: filter based on the state of the recipient
    • City: filter based on the recipient city
    • Note: filter based on the records in the contact note field
  5. After selecting the filter, click Apply Filter. You can review the contacts excluded when clicking Preview and Send. The recipient’s contact will change according to the filter applied.
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