About Free Email Sender

Here you will learn about the Free Email Sender which you can use for free as a user during the trial period.

What is Free Email Sender

Free email sender is a sender that we have provided for users who have just registered at MTARGET during the trial period. You can use this sender to send emails without the need to validate emails with several limitations. But if you already have email with a personal domain, then there are different email quotas that you can try.

If you use a free email sender:

  • 3 times sending emails.
  • 100 email quota.
  • Can be used during the trial period

If you use an email with a personal domain

  • Unlimited email sending.
  • 15,000 email quota.
  • Can be used during the trial period

So, if you have reached the limitations mentioned, then you can no longer use the sender.


Q: Does Free Email Sender need configuration for validation? A: No, the sender is automatically available in your account during the trial period.

Q: How long can I use Free Email Sender? A: During the trial period, and in accordance with applicable limitations.

Q: Can I change the sender’s name if I use the free email sender? A: The sender’s name will automatically use the company name that you used for the first time when filling out the Company Profile and cannot be changed.

Q: If I have done domain authentication on my email domain, will the Free Email Sender disappear? A: Free email senders will be disabled. Your limitations will change, according to the limitations that apply while using a personal email domain.

Q: What happens if I have passed the limit? A: The account will still be usable, but will not be able to send emails.

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