How to Add Image in Email

Here you will learn about how to add images in email marketing that you create, as well as some tips that are often encountered by users when adding images to their emails. Here are a few steps:

  1. Enter the Email Marketing menu
  2. Select an email or create an email first to be able to enter Email Compose.
  3. After that, add the Image component in the Email.
  4. There will appear some space for the image and image settings on the right. There are 2 options that you can use to select the source image. If you choose File Manager, then make sure the image is uploaded in the File Manager. If you choose Public URL then make sure the image is available on the link you are using. But in this example, we will try to use an image from the File Manager.
  5. Select the image you want to use, or if you want to add an image click the “Add Files” button.
  6. After you select a picture from File Manager, the selected image will appear in Email Compose.

Now you have successfully added an image in Email Marketing.


In the Image component in this Email, there are several issues that often arise and are asked about. Here are some of the points:

Q: What is the maximum image size that can be uploaded? A: You can upload images with a maximum file size of 5MB

Q: My image pixels are big enough, is it possible to upload? A: We have no limit on image pixels. However, we highly recommend using images with pixels below 600px, this is because the higher the pixel, the bigger the image size. If the larger the image size in the email, then your email will be difficult or difficult to open. This can trigger unwanted things like the Unsubscribe for example.

Q: Why do images always fail to upload? A: In the case of failed image uploads, there are two possible cases:

The first case is because you are using the converted image. If you upload an image from the Convert result and it fails, there could be a problem during the conversion process that makes the image fail to upload. If you really need to convert images, then you can re-convert the images, you can change the image format or something else.

The second case is because of missing images from File Manager. For example, you send an email, but when the email has been sent, the added image does not appear in the email client. So, it’s possible that the image you included in the email has been deleted in the File Manager. This also applies to those of you who send email with HTML Email. Make sure the link that you include in the HTML Email is a link that comes from the MTARGET File Manager.

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