Email List and Draft Email Editing

List Email

Email List is a list of emails that you have ever created. In email list, there are Email Status, Email Subject, Time, Sender, Recipient and Action (edit, duplicate, report, delete).

Email List shows your 10 last emails that you have ever composed.

In every email that you’ve created, you are able to check the status of emails. Here are 4 status of emails:

  1. Draft : Email that you have created but you have not submitted.
  2. Ready : Email that you have created and will send according to planned schedule.
  3. Running : Email that is in the process of sending.
  4. Finish : Email that have created and sent.

Edit Draft Email

When you intend to edit email draft, just select the email that you are referring to. Click Edit icon, then you are able to edit the email draft.

If you have done editing, but you are not going to send it immediately, then click Save. Email will be saved as draft.

If you have done editing and you want to send the email, click Schedule and Send button.

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