Basic Tutorial - Overview Email Marketing

Email marketing can be used to send information you need for marketing needs, such as sending e-mail newsletters, e-mails with special offers, e-mail greetings and much more. Read here to take advantage of email marketing.

There are two areas on MTARGET Email Marketing page:

  1. Navigation and Action (upper area)
  2. Quota Email Area
  3. List Form Area (main area)

Navigation and action area has some sub-areas as follows:

  1. Page Title This page shows the title of your current page, according to the page that you visit at current time.
  2. Breadcrumbs You are able to use breadcrumbs navigation to go to previous page.
  3. Manage Sender You are able to manage sender’s profile.
  4. Create Email You are able to create email that you’ll send to customer.

Email Quota Area

Here you can see how many your email quota is, and the number of emails by status. Here are the details:

  1. Email Quota
    In Email quota you can see information about the number of emails you have sent and your email delivery percentage.

  2. Detail All Usage
    In contact details you can view email campaign details by status, such as Finish, Ready, and Draft. —

Email List Area

On email list area it appears the list of email sorted by the latest email that you have ever created. Besides, you are also able to sort emails by on email name, time and recipient. This list will show 10 most recent email you have ever created.

You are able to filter your emails, so it will make the search getting easier. Furthermore, you are also able to filter emails by sending status, email category or contact label.

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