Email Personalization

You are able to personalize in every email that you have sent. Personalization is some kind of technique of email writing and sending, so the email recipients will receive the email more personal, and they would think that the email is not send as a broadcast message.

The way to personalize email is simply by adding a tag on email subject or email body. The tag contains data that matches to your customers. You can check the data in Contact Book Menu.

The tags we provide are as follows:

  • {firstname} : show the customer first name
  • {lastname} : show the customer last name
  • {gender} : show the gender of customer
  • {company} : show the company name of customer
  • {country} : show the customer’s country
  • {city} : show the customer’s city


You are able to add tag to your email subject with simple step. Just click shortcode button then select the tag that you will use on email subject to personalize.


Moreover, you are also able to add emoticon on email subject to make your email becomes stand out when it shown in customer’s inbox. Just click emoticon button then select emoticon you desired.

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