Troubleshooting Email sender is missing

If you have problems such as email sender that is lost when entering compose email, then there is an incorrect configuration on your DKIM. Generally, when the email sender disappears there is indeed an error with DKIM. Here are some reasons why your email sender suddenly disappears:

- Reconfigure in DNS When your team changes or reconfigures DNS in your domain, it is possible to reset DKIM. So, you need to reconfigure DKIM with a new one.

- Hosting that changes email service provider If your domain hosting changes to an email service provider, it is very likely that your DKIM is reset because with the new ESP there should be a new configuration for DKIM.

- Problems with DNS This factor has the lowest probability, but it can happen that there is an internal problem with domain hosting that makes your DKIM reset.

In general, some of the problems that have been mentioned indicate that you need to reconfigure your DKIM SPF because it has been reset from the system.

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