Add Voucher Components in Email

Vouchers component can be used to add promo codes in the e-mail that will be sent. Here’s how to add component vouchers in an email:

  1. Determine the position where the promo code will be added, then click the plus sign and choose Voucher.

  2. Determine the type of voucher that will be used in the Code section on the right. There are 3 types of component vouchers that can be added in the email:

  • Static: every subscriber who receives an email will get the same promotional code. You can add your own code that cools or generates code from our system. Code length shows the number of character codes that will be generated.

  • Dynamic: You can send different voucher codes to customers automatically. This feature allows you to generate voucher codes to customers by using Code Prefix so that the code sent has the same, then generate the remaining code from our system.

  • Import: You can copy the voucher code that was previously owned. Click import and select the voucher code file, then automatically, every email recipient will get a different voucher code according to what you have made. For the record, the voucher code file to be imported must be in the .CSV extension.

  1. After selecting the appropriate voucher type, add the discount amount given in the Discount section. You can choose to add it as a nominal or discount percentage. The {1} sign is a position marker for the discount text in the email textarea.

  2. If you want to specify the length of time the promo code can be used, you can set it in the Expired Date section. Select the date, time, and add information when the promo code will end.

Example :

Note: There is a button on the Component Voucher that can be activated or discarded. The button can function to direct the link to the page where the promo code can be used.

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