How to Prepare Landing Pages and Forms

In this article you will learn how the MTARGET Event Management feature can help organize and manage participant data so that it can help you during the event. Here are some steps you need to know:

  1. Login your MTARGET account at
  2. Click the ‘Add Event’ button in the right corner

  3. After that, fill in the event information that you want to run. When you have finished, click the ‘Add Event’ button.

  4. The campaign that you have created will appear as shown below. There are 4 buttons that will appear in the * campaign * box.

  5. To see information and settings for the event to be run
  6. To see participant data.
  7. To edit event info.
  8. To delete the event that will run.

But in this step, we suggest to open the ‘Details’ button first to learn in full how to use this Event Management feature.

  1. After you enter the Event Details menu, click the ‘Set Landing Page’ button. You can choose to create a new landing page or landing page that already exists in the * campaign * that you have ever created.

If you want to create a new landing page, click the ‘Create New’ button. You will be taken to the Landing Page Builder to create the landing page you want.

If you choose the landing page that has been created, click the ‘Set Page’ button. An option will appear for you to choose which landing page you want to use.

  1. When finished, you will be taken to the ‘Landing Page’ menu. There will appear * preview * Landing Page and landing page link that has been created. You can also share it on social media.

  2. Landing page has been completed, the next step is to determine the form. There are two types of Forms that you can create. Registration form and check-in form. The registration form is the form used for the registration form, and the check-in form is the form used for re-registration when the event is running.

You have finished preparing everything. Once you feel that everything is ready to be published, go to the ‘Event Detail’ menu then click the ‘Launch’ button. Then, the landing page is ready to use.

To see the data of participants who registered, you can click on the ‘Registrant’ menu and the ‘Payment Confirm’ menu to see the data of participants who have confirmed payment.

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