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This article contains questions that are frequently asked by users related to the MTARGET Contact Management feature. You can click the list below based on the questions you want to know.

The following is a list of questions that you will encounter on this page regarding the MTARGET Contact Management feature. If your question hasn’t been posted here, ask us via Live Chat so we can help you.

Can I delete hardbounce contacts?

Yes, you can just filter by label by typing hardbounce in the filter column. After that click Apply, a contact will appear which includes hardbounce. After clicking the checklist box and select All Visible. The delete contact button will appear. For more details, you can read our tutorial here.

How do I delete all contacts at once?

At MTARGET, you cannot delete all contacts at once because they can be suspected of contact abuse. If you get your contacts organically, surely it won’t be that easy to delete contacts at once, right? However, if you want to delete a contact, MTARGET has limited each user to be able to delete 100 contacts per day. For how to delete a contact, you can read here.

What is the difference between a contact field and a label?

These two things are often misunderstood by some users. Contact Field is a category of data that is in a contact. For example, such as firstname, city, gender, country, etc., are the data in a contact called the Contact Field. The example above is the default field, you can also provide your own fields according to your needs. Contact Field is useful to be able to give a more personal impression because it uses the data in contact.

Whereas Label is a feature for categorizing your contact emails. With labels, you can more easily group email contacts according to the category you want so that when you want to send an email, it has been grouped according to the desired category.

Why is there no notification of the export or import contact process when it's finished?

If you export or import contacts in large numbers, it will certainly take a long time. So, sometimes you are not aware whether the process has been completed or not. To see notifications, you can click the bell button next to your account to see if the contact’s export or import process is complete.

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