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This article contains questions that are frequently asked by users related to the MTARGET Email Marketing feature. You can click the list below based on the questions you want to know.

Here is a list of questions that you will get on this page about the MTARGET Email Marketing feature. If your question hasn’t been posted here, ask us via Live Chat so we can help you.

Why isn't my report email for sent rate and bounce rate not 100%?

For Sent Rate of course you can get 100% results. But if the Sent Rate is below 100%, that means there is a bounce contact, whether it’s softbounce or hardbounce. So there are contacts that fail to be sent an email.

For bounce rates, it is recommended to be as minimal as possible. The less you get, the better results you get. This is because the bounce rate contains emails that failed to send emails, whether it’s softbounce or hardbounce. You can see which email contacts failed to send in the email report by clicking View List on the Bounce Rate.

If you get a softbounce, the email will be resent automatically. Whereas hardbounce emails get a hardbounce label on your contacts.

Can I send email using a free email domain?

You can send email using a free domain (Gmail, ymail and others) only in the free trial period for 7 days. However, of course sending email using a free domain with a paid domain has a difference. If you use a free domain for sending email, it has the potential to enter the spam box.

The recipient's email has not opened the email, but why has it been recorded at an open rate?

This is because before the email comes to the recipient’s mailbox, the email filter will work by opening the email to make sure the email sent does not contain spam or abuse and so on. In other words, e-mail has been opened first by the recipient’s e-mail provider to ensure e-mail is safe from phishing, scams and others.

Why is the loading time when opening an email report so long?

The more recepients, the longer the time to load email reports. So the report loading process is based on how many recepients you send.

Why does my recepient not receive e-mail? Even though the email is still active

This can occur when there is a large load of shipments from the MTARGET server. So there can be emails that are missed to be sent. But don’t worry, the recipient of the email should include a softbounce which means it will be sent back automatically.

Why when importing HTML e-mail, the results that appear are not the same as the original file?

The results of the HTML import are different because they adjust to the composition of the MTARGET HTML email.

How to change the name of the sender that appears in the recipient's email?

You can change it in the “Manage Email Sender” menu, then click the “Edit” button. Later you can change the Sender Name section.

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