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This article contains questions that are frequently asked by users related to the MTARGET Form feature. You can click the list below based on the questions you want to know.

Following is a list of questions that you will encounter on this page regarding the MTARGET Form feature. If your question hasn’t been posted here, ask us via Live Chat so we can help you.

How do I integrate the MTARGET Form into my website?

Of course you can, because when you first create a Form, you will choose the use of the Form that you will create. For example, you want to embed a Form on a website that you have, you can choose “Embed to Your Website”. Later, after completing the Form and Page, you will get the code to embed the Page that already contains the Form that was created.

Do I need to create a Page first to use the Form?

Depending on your needs, because when you create a Form will be asked to choose what you will use it for. For example for the purposes of embed or pop-up, then after creating a Form, you will automatically be directed to create a Page.

But if you only want to get the API code, then you will not be directed to create a Page.

Does deleting a contact in a Report Form mean deleting a contact in a Contact Book?

No, the data that you delete on the Form will not affect the contacts in the Contact Book. It’s just that the data in the form will be lost in the Form report if you delete it.

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