Soft Bounce and Hard Bounce

Is your email gets Soft Bounce and Hard Bounce? Don’t panic. This is common in sending email marketing, all you need to do is know the differences between the two things and then know how to anticipate them.

In this article, you will find out what are the differences between Soft Bounce and Hard Bounce, and also how to fix them.

Bounce is a condition where the e-mail sent is rejected by the e-mail server. There are 2 types of Bounce that depend on the reason for the email to bounce. You can find this bounce in the e-mail delivery report. Always monitor and evaluate your bounce numbers, as this can affect the reputation of email deliver.

Soft Bounce A soft bounce means that the e-mail address is valid and the e-mail message can be received by the e-mail receiving server. But the email can be bounced back because:

• The inbox (mail box) is full or the email user’s inbox exceeds the available capacity • The server is under repair due to downtime • The message sent is too large for the recipient’s email inbox

Hard bounce Whereas the hard bounce appears when the message you sent is permanently rejected because:

• The intended e-mail address is invalid. • The destination email address cannot be recognized or doesn’t exist.

How to Reduce Your Bounces

The best way to reduce the number of bounces is by following these steps:

Maintain cleanliness of a good list: Clean your e-mail list regularly from invalid e-mail and non-responders. High bounce rates can affect the reputation of e-mail delivery, so keeping the e-mail list clean can reduce the amount of bounce rates that exist and can actually increase your delivery rates.

Use double opt-in: Send a confirmation email when email users subscribe or subscribe to you. This method not only helps to ensure that the user’s e-mail is valid, but also ensures that e-mail users on the list want to receive e-mail messages from you.

Always monitor your email delivery rates: Do tracking on your email delivery rates by paying close attention to bounces rates. By regularly monitoring, you can reduce the failure before it happens and before it causes a lot of damage.

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