Guide to Creating Welcome Email with the MTARGET Feature

A welcome email is an email that is automatically sent when a new subscriber signs up. You can use MTARGET features to make it. There are 4 steps that must be done to make welcome email through the MTARGET feature.

Create Subscriber Form

The first step is to create a form that will be filled in by prospective subscribers. Here’s how to do it.

  1. Enter the Form API menu then select Create Form to create a new form or duplicate form from the existing one. You can use Plain Template to create a form from scratch or use another Template Category provided.

  2. Give the form name and add a label to make it easier for you to identify the origin of the contact.

  3. Edit the form and add fields according to your needs. Then Publish the form.

Embed Form to Page

After creating form, then the form must be embed on the page. So you must first make one Page.

  1. Enter the Page menu then select Create Page. You can compose the page from the beginning or choose one of the Category Templates provided then edit it.

  2. Edit Page with videos, images or other interesting content. Add the form component and select the form that was previously created.

  3. If everything is finished, Publish Page.

After the page is published, you will get a unique URL that can be directly shared through social media or other channels. Or embed the page to the webite first. For the record, if you use a website with the WordPress platform, then you can directly integrate it with MTARGET, so there is no need to add the form to the page first. Forms created in the MTARGET system can be directly installed on the website page.

Create Email Automation

In order for a welcome email to be sent every time there is a new subscriber, an automation scenario needs to be created. Following are the steps to do it.

  1. Enter the Email Automation menu then select Create Automation in the top right.

  2. Select Form as Trigger. Then select the form that was previously created. Then click Save.

  3. In the Select Scenario section, select Response then Submit and click Create. This indicates that the email will be sent immediately when a subscriber presses the submit button.

  4. Then click Select Scenario and select Send Email in the Action section.

  5. The next step is to compose an email that will be used as a welcome email. You can create from the beginning of the e-mail or from a pre-existing draft. Set Subject, Sender, and then save the email. If the email status is Ready, close the automation with Action Finish or add another scenario.

  6. The Status field on the right shows the completeness of the automation, if the status is OK, then the automation can be run, if not, review which unresolved Automation.

If the automation is already complete, then every time a new subscriber fills out the form that has been made it will automatically get your welcome email.

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