How to make a Birthday Email

In this article you will learn about how to create a Birthday Email using MTARGET Email Automation.

Before you start, make sure the email contact you saved has a field containing a birthdate, for example the field you have is named ‘Birthday’. If you have not made it, then you need to create a field that contains a birthdate, before creating a Birthday Email.

  1. Click ‘Contact Management’ then select ‘Contact Field’.
  2. Create the name of the field you want, for example ‘Birthday’.
  3. Click ‘Save’.

Then you can collect or fill in manually for birthdays on a contact that you have.

After that, you can start to create a Birthday Email scenario.

  1. Enter the Email Automation menu
  2. Click ‘Create Automation’
  3. Select the template you want to use, or plain template.
  4. When entering the Automation Editor, click ‘Select Trigger’.
  5. There will be four choices, you choose Period. Then 3 sections will appear below it:

  1. Fill Recipient with the contact label to be sent.
  2. Then in the On field section, select the field that contains the birthday data, for example ‘Birthday’.
  3. In the Repeat section, select Yearly.
  4. After that, click ‘Add Scenario’.
  5. Select ‘Send Email’.
  6. In the ‘Send time’ section, select the time you want.
  7. After that the Action column will appear, click ‘Set Email’.
  8. Here you will start creating the Birthday Email that you want.
  9. When finished, click ‘Preview and Publish’.

Until this step, you have successfully created a Birthday Email. However, if you want a certain response, for example when a user clicks on the link you are attaching and so on, you can add scenarios by selecting ‘Response’. When you are finished, click the ‘Finish Scenario’ button.

After everything is complete, click the ‘Start’ button. Then the automation scenario will run and Birthday Email will be automatically sent on the date.

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