About Email Firewall

Email Firewall works like a spam filter by organizing incoming email based on rules that have been compiled by each email server. Email firewalls analyze email messages to determine whether they should be marked as spam, just like spam filters.

In this article, you will learn more about Email Firewall and what you need to know to help prevent your email from being marked as spam.

How Firewalls Work?

Email firewalls are used to protect users. They filter incoming email server traffic based on rules that have been determined by the firewall administrator. Not all email firewalls work the same way, but the main thing to know is that they monitor all existing email and also share that information with other e-mail servers. So if at any point your email is marked as spam email, that information is shared with other servers. That means being tagged as spam by a single user can damage your submission reputation.

Firewall will reject blacklisted e-mail list based on IP address and domain name. Because all email campaigns are sent using servers and domains from MTARGET, it is important for us to always maintain the reputation of the domain so as not to affect MTARGET users. We take spam and abuse complaints very seriously and will take appropriate steps to warn or suspend accounts if necessary.

What Kind of Emails Will Email Firewall Mark?

The best way to avoid getting marked by email firewalls and spam filters is to safeguard your sending reputation. In essence, make sure you have legally obtained permission to send your email. Here are some basics for managing your subscribers well and maintaining your sending reputation.

  • Never send spam emails.
  • Never buy email lists from third parties.
  • Confirm the email address you get.
  • Use safe content (Avoid spam).
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