How to Make a WhatsApp Link with message content

In this article, you will learn about how to create a WhatsApp link that can automatically display messages on the WhatsApp application. This certainly can help the user by giving a message in a template, so there is no need to bother to make another sentence when contacting you. Before starting this step, make sure the phone number is registered as a WhatsApp account.

Following is an example of the number that will be used as the WhatsApp link that contains the message.

Add phone numbers

To add a phone number, you can add it after slash like the example above. Please note, if you only add the telephone number without encoding text, then the link will still be direct to the WhatsApp phone number that is being addressed but without the contents of the message. If you only want to include a phone number, then the example will be like this

Add Text

To load text after a number like the link above, there are 2 ways you can use it here. First, you can write your own manually. Second, you can use a third party website to create text.

First step

You can create text that will automatically appear when * user * clicks the WhatsApp link. In this text there are two things you need to know, namely how to add spaces and replace lines.

  • Space: To add space in the text you want to create, use %20. For example, you want to write ‘Hi how are you?’, It will be ‘Hi%20how%20are20you?’.

  • Change line: To replace lines in the text that you created, use %0A. Suppose you want to write it like this

‘Hello Nadine. How are you’

Then you can write it like this ‘Hello%20Nadine%0Ahow%20are%20you%0A’

The two pre texts above are the most basic and easy to understand. There are still many different pre texts because if you use symbols like question marks (?) Or exclamation points (!) And so on, they have different pre text. If you really want to add symbols, you can try the second method.

Second Way

You can use third party web assistance as stated below. This method can be an alternative if you want an easier process in making pre text without the need to write manually like the first way. Here are the steps:

  1. You can access the web Encode here to compose a message.
  2. Create the message you want, then click the ‘Encode’ button.
  3. Copy the encode code, then paste after the symbol (=) like the example link above.

After that the WhatsApp link that you create will automatically be directed to your WhatsApp number, along with the message that was created earlier. You can use the link in the Email marketing button, or on your Page button so that when someone sees it and wants to contact you, it will make it easier for them to communicate with you.

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