About Shared IP and Dedicated IP

Have you paid attention to the IP address to send email marketing is very important because it can determine the reputation of your domain.

Domain reputation that determines where your email will be placed, main mailbox, promotion, social or even spam. If you have a bad domain reputation, the email that you send will go to the spam box. Meanwhile, if you have a good domain reputation, the email sent will go to the main mailbox.

Here’s what you need to know about using Shared IP and Dedicated IP when sending email marketing:

Shared IP Shared IP is an IP that is shared by many users with one IP. This is the reason why if there is one user who abuses IP and other users can be affected, then you can also feel the loss. It can be said, domain reputation cannot be controlled individually because one IP is used by many people.

But on the other hand, Shared IP is suitable for business people who may only have a few contacts and don’t send emails too often, so Shared IP is the right choice.

Dedicated IP Dedicated IP is a unique IP that only you can use yourself personally, so you have private access to your own IP. Dedicated IP will facilitate you in controlling and monitoring the domain’s reputation. So, you don’t need to worry about your domain’s reputation. As long as using it with the right procedure, the domain reputation will not have problems that arise with the domain reputation.

If you can send emails consistently for a year, like 100 thousand emails per year, then choosing Dedicated IP is the right choice. You also need to be consistent in sending emails so that the domain reputation can be built properly.

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