Minimum Specifications for Use of MTARGET

To use MTARGET, you don’t need to download any software, because MTARGET is a web-based application. Then you will only be able to operate MTARGET via a web browser. Because you are using a web browser, there are a number of things you need to know about a web browser in order to get optimal results when using MTARGET. Here’s what you need to know:

Compatible Browsers

There are several popular web browsers that you can use to operate MTARGET:

  • Google Chrome (Recommended)
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Safari (Latest version)

Info: Microsoft Edge can still run normally to operate MTARGET but we do not recommend this.

Browser Settings (Desktop)

Here are some settings in the browser that are needed so that MTARGET can run optimally in your web browser:

  • Make sure Cookies and JavaScript are active, this is to ensure all functions in MTARGET can run normally on your web browser.
  • Make sure your screen resolution is not below 1024px or at least 1024x768 pixels. If you use the resolution below, you will not be able to open any campaign compose.
  • Check the Add-on in a web browser, if you experience problems when accessing MTARGET it could be that it comes from an extension on your web browser that is not compatible with MTARGET. If this happens, it’s a good idea to disable the extension.

Browser Settings (Mobile)

You can also access MTARGET via a mobile device. However, there are some limitations that you should be aware of as the desktop and mobile versions are very different.

  • To access MTARGET via a movile device, you still need a browser.
  • Some functions have been removed, such as campaign compose. So you cannot create or edit Email Marketing, Forms, Landing Pages, Email Automation via mobile devices. Apart from composing, other functions can run normally on mobile devices.
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