About Single Sign-On

Here you will learn about the Single Sign-on system implemented in MTARGET

What is Single Sign-on?

Single sign-on is a user authentication system that allows to provide one login access from each email. If previously each email could be used for multiple accesses, now each email can only be used for one access only.

What happens if I force login while my colleague is using MTARGET account?

If you log in while the MTARGET account is being used by a colleague, then you will get a notification if the account is being used. You will get the option to force the login (As a consequence, your colleague will log out automatically), or not to continue the login.

How can I share MTARGET account access with my colleagues?

You can use the Team Management feature to share your MTARGET account access to your colleagues with their own emails.

Notes: Make sure the email added in Team Management has never been registered in MTARGET at all.

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