Getting Started MTARGET

MTARGET is a tool that can assist you in interacting with customers, to data acquisition to get more customers. If this is your first time using marketing automation tools, then you are in the right place to get started with MTARGET.

Here you will learn about what MTARGET users need to know. We will summarize some tutorials so that this can be your guide to getting started with MTARGET.

Task Overview

Here is a summary of the points that will be discussed:

  1. Complete account profiles.
  2. Adding a Contact.
  3. Adding an email sender.
  4. Perform sender domain authentication.
  5. Compose and send e-mails.
  6. Check email reports.
  7. Last Step.

Complete the account profile

After you register, you will be asked to complete the basic information on your account profile. If you want to change or update your account profile information, you can update it in your Account Profile. Read the article Complete Profile for more information.

After the profile is completed, make sure you have also verified your account email in order to access the dashboard.

Adding a Contact

The first step to getting started is to add a contact. This contact will be the recipient of your email. There will be 2 options for adding contacts, namely adding contacts manually or via import contact if the contact data you want to upload has a large number.

Read the article on [Upload Contact] ( for more information. If you are having trouble, also read the guide for overcoming [Troubleshoot] ( in Import Contacts.

Adding Sender Email

After you have set up an email contact as an email recipient. You can start setting up the email sender. Email sender is the email that you will use to send email. Please validate to be able to use your email as an email sender.

** Here are the important points you need to know about email senders: **

  1. Email that is used as a sender can only be deleted if you have not used the email sender to send an email. Once you have used it to send an email, it cannot be deleted as a sender.
  2. You can only add email senders that have the same domain as the email sender that was first added.
  3. You cannot use email with free domains such as gmail, yahoo, outlook, and the like. You need to use a private email domain to make it an email sender.

For more complete information you can read about [Email Sender] ( here.

Performing Domain Authentication

This is the most important step in setting up an email sender. After your email is validated, now you need to do domain authentication so that your domain status is entirely valid and can be used to send email.

** Why is domain authentication important? ** This is the most frequently asked question. Domain authentication is important to do so that your email will not be detected as spam. As long as your domain’s reputation is good, then email will avoid indications of spam messages.

If you are not familiar with the domain authentication process, we recommend asking your IT team or technical team for help to authenticate your email domain.

You can read a more complete tutorial on [Domain Authentication] ( you can read there. Feel free to ask us if you have problems regarding domain authentication.

Composing and Sending Emails

If the sender email has been validated and the domain status is all valid, then your email can be used to send email. Here you will try to send an email using regular email. But here we also provide other email options such as plain email or HTML Email. If you want to try sending an email using Regular Email, read [here] ( for the complete tutorial.

Read here also if you want to use [HTML Email] (

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