About MTARGET Mobile Version

Here you will learn about a few things you need to know if you want to use the mobile version of MTARGET. MTARGET has been designed to be mobile friendly for users who wish to access it via a mobile device.


When you use MTARGET in a web browser, we will resize and adjust some components to suit the appearance of the mobile device you are using. Such as adjustments to the sidebar, dashboard and others.

You can use any device to access MTARGET. But we highly recommend opening it via Chrome for your convenience in designing campaigns via the mobile version.

Available Features

It is important to note that in the MTARGET mobile Version, not all features can be accessed. Here are some activities related to features that you can do in MTARGET mobile version:

  • Create and send Marketing Emails.
  • Checking reports from Email Marketing campaigns.
  • Manage contacts in Contact Management.
  • Adding files in File Manager.

As for what you can’t do with the Mobile version of MTARGET, most of them are using features that require a Compose page such as Forms, Pages, Email Automation, and others. Some of these features are not yet available for the Mobile version.

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