Telegram Chat Integration with Pages on MTARGET

Here you will learn about how to integrate Telegram chat with Pages on MTARGET. Make sure before starting this step, you already have a Telegram Chat account. Here are the steps:

  1. Create the Page you want first in the Page menu.
  2. Now open your Telegram Chat. Click the ‘More’ button, then click ‘Settings’.
  3. Select ‘Edit Info’.
  4. Copy your username. This username will be used by you to connect the MTARGET Page to your Telegram account.
  5. Now go to the ‘Integration’ menu.
  6. Select ‘Telegram Chat’, then click ‘View Details’.
  7. Paste the Telegram username into the installation steps. Then click the ‘Update’ button.
  8. Now go back to the ‘Page’ menu that you want to integrate.
  9. Select Page.
  10. Then click the ‘Settings’ button on the top right.
  11. Activate the ‘Telegram Chat’ switch.
  12. If you want to provide a template message when a visitor clicks on the Telegram icon, you can fill it in the ‘Greeting Text’ column.
  13. If so, click ‘Publish’.

Here you have successfully integrated the MTARGET Page into your Telegram account. Later, every visitor who clicks the Telegram icon will be directed to your Telegram.

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