How to Integrate Page with TikTok Pixel

Here you will learn about how to integrate a Page You made with TikTok Pixel. Later you can track all visitors to the Page that you are advertising through TikTok Ads. So all Page visitors will be more measurable. To integrate Page with TikTok Pixel, here are the steps you need to do:

  1. Create a TikTok Ads account first.
  2. After you enter your TikTok Ads account, select the ‘Library’ menu then click ‘Event’.
  3. Select ‘Pixel Website’, click ‘Manage’.
  4. Click the ‘Create Pixel’ button. Here you will create a Pixel campaign in TikTok.
  5. In the Install Type, select ‘Manually Install Pixel Code’. Ignore the code that appears, by clicking the ‘Next’ button. You don’t need to copy the code at this stage.
  6. The next step you will set the Pixel scenario. If you only want to provide a tracker to your Page with TikTok Pixel, then this step you should be able to skip.

But if you still want to continue, you can continue to set the visitor behavior scenario. As you can find out how many people clicked on A content, or how many users were involved with Pop-ups and many more. On the next page you will be asked to fill in the Page link you want to test for Pixels.

  1. If you have finished creating a Pixel campaign, now highlight the Pixel campaign that you have created. Highlight and copy the following code.

  2. Now back to your MTARGET account. From the MTARGET dashboard, enter the ‘Integration’ menu, then select TikTok Pixel and click the ‘View Detail’ button.
  3. Here you will paste the code that you copied earlier into the column. Click the ‘Update’ button, then fill in the code.
  4. After filling in the code from TikTok Pixel, click the ‘Save’ button.

Here you have successfully integrated the Page from MTARGET with TikTok Pixels. To determine whether the pixel is functioning or installed correctly or not, you can download the ‘TikTok Pixel Helper’ extension in the browser. Notification will appear if the pixel has been installed correctly.

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