Integration of MTARGET Plugin on WordPress

About Plugin

You can use MTARGET WordPress Plugin to increase the number of your subscriber. Use plugins to embed and popup a form on your WordPress site easily. With the plugin, you can select any form you have created on MTARGET in WordPress. Put it on the sidebar widget, embed it on blog post or popup.


Step 1

  1. Sign in to your Dashboard on WordPress Admin.

  2. Click Plugin Menu on the WordPress Admin sidebar.

  3. Select Add New to add a new plugin.

  4. In search box, type MTARGET Plugin. Then click Install Now.

  5. If it has been successfully installed, click Activate to enable the plugin.

Cara 2

  1. Download MTARGET Plugin di Directory Plugin Wordpress.

  2. Extract the file, then upload it to your site at

  3. Install plugin, then click Activate to enable the plugin.

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