Basic Tutorial - Create and Publish Pages

You can create a page by first going to the Landing Page, then clicking the Create Page button.

Set Up Your Page

Here you will provide a Page Name and choose a Page Type. There are 2 types of Pages that you can create here. The two types of pages are distinguished according to your needs

  1. Landing Page: This is a page that you can use to create the content you want.
  2. Thank you Page: This is a page that will be show as a thank you page for users who have submitted data. So this page will only appear with when you using the Form component. You can read more about the Thank you Page here.

Then in the advanced configuration, there are fields that you can fill in:

  • Title: Used for the page title that will appear in the tab browser.
  • Description: Used to provide a page description. Descriptions can appear when a page is fetched on social media, chat or in search results.
  • Keywords: Keywords that are used when users search for them in search engines
  • Google Search Console Code: If you want to make the Page that you created to be indexed to Google Search Engine, then you need to add the code here. You can read more details here to get code from Google Console.

Then click Create.

Start Designing Page

Here you will choose the Page template you want.

Choose the theme you want first. After that you will enter into the Compose Page Editor.

Before start to add components, you can filled in the page information in the page settings located on the right side of the page.

Then, you can add some layouts and components that we have provided. Many components have been provided by MTARGET which you can use according to your needs.

To see how your page will look when published, click preview. On the Preview page, you can see the page view in Desktop or Mobile mode. All pages that you create will automatically adjust when opened using a mobile device.

When you are ready with the page that you have created, click Publish Page to publish the page.

To get your page link, on the list page, click the share page button found in the action column.

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