Make a Pop-up on Video

Now you can make Pop-ups that appear when a user play a video on your Page. With this tips, you can get leads by displaying Pop-ups when the user opens the video, and to continue the video, user needs to fill out the form. To display this Pop-up you can use Gated Video in the Video Landing Page component. Here is how to use it:

  1. Enter the ‘Page’ menu.
  2. Select the Page that you want to use.
  3. Add a Video component.
  4. Activate Gated Video.
  5. Here you can choose two triggers, namely Form and Button.
  • Form: If you want to use the Form trigger, make sure you have created the Form data that you want to use.
  • Button: If you want to use a Button trigger, you can add information in the form of a Pop-up description, then add a link on the Button to direct to the link you want.
  1. After selecting the trigger, select the ‘Wait for’ to give interval before bring up the Pop-up.
  2. If you want the Pop-up to be skipped, activate the Skipable button.
  3. To see the data that fills in the Form, check the Campaign Form report that you have created.
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