Page integration in Ghost

In this article you will learn how to integrate the MTARGET Page feature with Ghost. There are 2 types of integration here, namely by Embed (users can determine where the page will appear) and Pop-Up (users can display pop-ups on their website).

Integration Page MTARGET to Ghost (Embed)

  1. Create a page first then publish
  2. On the list page, click the ‘share’ action
  3. Select Embed, there is a script to embed the page
  4. Login to ‘ghost’ then on the ‘New Story’ page

  5. Return to the target app to share the third copy of the script

  6. Then on the ghost editor page paste all the scripts

  7. Click the ‘save’ button then click ‘view preview’ to see the results

  8. The results are as below

Integration Page MTARGET to Instapage (Pop-Up)

  1. How to add targeted pop-ups to ghosts the same way as embed pages
  2. In the target app share mode select ‘pop-up’ copy the second script (this is done if you have embed the page)
  3. On the ghost paste script editor page

  4. Click the ‘save’ button then click ‘view preview’, the results are as below


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