Basic Tutorial - Overview Page

There are two areas on MTARGET Page:

  1. Navigation and Action (upper area)
  2. Quota page area
  3. Area List Page (main area)

There are some sub-areas on navigation and action area:

  1. Page Title
    This page shows the title of your current page, according to the page that you visit at current time.
  2. Breadcrumbs
    You are able to use breadcrumbs navigation to go to previous page.
  3. Page Integration
    You are able to integrate a page with available resources.

Quota Page Area

Here you can see all the quota campaigns that you have created. Here are the details:

  1. Quota Page
    Contains the published quota amount and your Page quota limit.

  2. Details all usage
    Contains all of your Page presented in a chart and you can see the entire Page based on its status, such as Publish, and Draft.

Note: Page that will be counted in quota is only Page that has been published. If you have a Page that is still Unpublished, the Page will not be counted as a quota.

List Area Page

On page list area, there is also displayed list of created page sorted by the most recent page that you created (it will dipslay your last 10 created page).

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