Checking Report on Your Page

Here you will learn about what you need to know in the Page Report. This feature allows you to find out about the Page and you will get more insight from the Page Report.

Here is a explanation of what you will get in the Page Report.

Page Name Card

This section will display the name of the Page and also the link of the Page. If the Page uses a Form, you can also see which campaign Form is being used on that Page.

Page Visitor

In this section you will get 3 insights. The first is Page Visit, which will bring up all visitors who visit your Page (Including if the visitor visits repeatedly). The second is Unique Visit, which raises per visitor who visits the Page (the number of visitors is only counted one per visit). The third is the number of visitors per week in graphical form.

Location, OS, Device and Browser

In this section you will find information about where your visitors are coming from, and what devices they use while accessing your Page.


Q: How was the report on the Page that I made before this update?
A: The old Report Page (Only Page Visit) will be adjusted to the new report. So the previous Page Visits will still be counted, with the addition of insights in the new report.

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