How to make a testimonial column

If you are going to sell a product, you will definitely need testimonials so that the product earns trust for them. Here you will learn to add a testimonial section on your Page. Here is how:

  1. Enter the ‘Page’ menu.
  2. Select the Page that you want to use.
  3. Add the ‘Testimonial’ component.
  4. Here 3 sections will appear that you can fill in with information that you want to fill.

Here are some settings you need to know about:

  • Show Image / Name: Option to bring up the image and name of each testimonial.
  • View mode: Option to specify the style of each testimonial section.
  • List for display form is lined up.
  • Grid for sideways display form with the number of columns per row that you can set yourself.
  • Test Alligntment: Option to determine the location of the description text.
  • Image Style: Option to determine the form of testimonial profile photo, you can choose a photo with a Square shape for a square shape, and Rounded for a circle shape.
  • Image Position: Option to determine the location of the testimonial image for each section.

If you scroll down further, there will be a panel with the title ‘Testimonials’. Here you can add a section for testimonials. Here you can change the name, description and profile photo of the testimonial. You can add another testimonial section by clicking the + button as shown below

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