How to Make a Thank You Page

Saying thank you are very important if you have asked someone for help. In this case, you will say thank you to user because the user has filled out the form you requested with a thank you displayed in the form of a Page.

What’s the difference between Landing Page and Thank you Page? These two things are different because they are seen from their uses. Landing Pages use pages with information that you want to distribute, such as products, about the company, and others. Whereas Thank You Page, only thank you is displayed in the Page. So, after the user fills out the Form on the Landing Page, it will be directed to the Thank You Page that you have created.

Here’s how to make it:

Create a Thank You Page first

You just need to make it like a normal Page. But there are steps you need to pay attention to. When clicking ‘Create Page’, here you will select the Page type. Select ‘Thank you Page’.

Next you will create a Page as usual.

Installing a Thank You Page

Please note, you will use 2 pages, namely Landing Page and Thank You Page. Before this, you have successfully created a Thank You Page, now is how to create the Thank you page:

  1. Create a new Page with the type Landing Page.
  2. When in Page Compose, click the Form component. Select the form you want.
  3. After selecting Form, in the settings panel select the ‘After Submit’ menu.
  4. Select ‘Redirect to Thank you Page’.
  5. Select the Thank you Page that you have created.
  6. Then click ‘Save’.

Here you have successfully installed the Thank you Page. To try it, you can open your Landing Page. Then try to fill in the Form. After you submit the data, you will be transferred to the Thank you Page.

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