Added Facebook Pixel Tracker on the Page

For more in-depth analysis of your Page, you can take advantage of the tracker from the Facebook Pixel integration. This tracker can be used as a tracker as well as a trigger to detect certain behaviors on your Page. Suppose you want to find out how many people make payments, then you create a tracker on one button to track who made the payments. From there you can analyze the data obtained through the tracker.

Before you want to use the tracker on Page, make sure you have enabled the Facebook Pixel integration as all analytical data will be stored on the Facebook Pixel. To activate Facebook Pixel, you can read it (here)[].

If you have enabled Facebook Pixel, here is how to activate Tracker on your Page. Please note that the only components that support the Tracker are Button, Image, Form and Navigation.

  1. Enter the Page menu and then select the Page you wish to provide the Tracker with.
  2. Select the item you wish to add the Tracker to give. Then activate Tracker.
  3. Then the Pixel Event will appear. Choose the specific behavior you want. The events here are some sample behaviors directly from Facebook Pixel, such as ‘Payment’, ‘Lead’, ‘Start Trial’ and others. Besides that, you can also create your own event name by typing it.
  4. When you have finished adding the Tracker, you can start publishing the Page. Make sure you have enabled the Facebook Pixel integration via the ‘Settings’ button. To check whether the Tracker has been installed correctly, you can see it through the Preview Page then a notification will appear on the components that have been installed by the Tracker.
  5. Also check the pixels in your Facebook Pixel campaign. Make sure the event you enter is also recorded on the Facebook Pixel.

NOTE: If you have the ads blocker extension, please make sure it is off for optimal results while setting up the Facebook Pixel Tracker.

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