How to use the Promo Code

Here is a tutorial to add promo codes in MTARGET.

  1. If you are a MTARGET subscription for the first time, you can add a promo code by clicking User Menu on the top right, then selecting Billing.

  2. Click ‘Pay Now’ to enter the Payment page
  3. On the Payment page, you can enter the promo code here

  4. If the promo code entered is valid, a description of the discounted amount will appear. If the promo code is invalid, then a pop up explaining that the promo code is not found.

After checking the promo code, click the “Use Code” button, then automatically the total amount of payment will be reduced according to the discount from the promo code obtained.

  1. When finished selecting the payment method and the promo price has appeared, click the ‘Pay Now’ button.

After the amount to be paid is reduced, you will be directed to the billing page. On this page, you will see shortages that must be paid after getting a promo code snippet. If the promo code is a 100% discount, then your subscription package will automatically change, please re-login to confirm.

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