How to Extend MTARGET Subscription Packages

Here are some steps you can take to extend the MTARGET subscription package.

  1. Login to MTARGET, then click User Menu at the top right and select Settings.

  2. When entering the Settings page, select Manage Plan in the Billing History section.

  3. You will enter the Change Plan page. Choose a plan according to your needs. You can choose to use the same package, upgrade packages, or downgrade packages. But, the package downgrade can only be done if the number of contacts owned is less than the selected package.

  4. After selecting the package, specify the payment period, whether monthly or annual.
  5. The system will automatically give the total cost that you must pay, then click Start Subscription.

  6. You will be directed to the Billing page. Click the Pay Now button.

  7. Choose the method of payment for Bank Transfer or Credit Card.

  8. You simply follow the next steps such as choosing a bank, and how to transfer. If you pay via Bank Transfer, please confirm payment via Crisp / WhatsApp to 081318597014.

If you have made a payment, please log in again to see if the payment has been successful and the package has been extended. If the status has not changed, please contact our team.

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