About Pay as You Go

Pay as You Go package is an alternative package other than the monthly/annual package that we have provided here. This Pay as You Go package adjusts to how many emails you want to send. Unlike the monthly subscription package, the amount of email sent is determined by the quota.

The following is the difference between the ** Pay as you go ** package and the regular package:

  • Based on Email Quota Regular: It has been determined and there is a quota limit. Pay as you go: There is no quota limit. You can send as many emails as you want.

  • Based on Payment Regular: Payment can be made manually via an MTARGET account. Pay as you go: Invoice will be sent specifically from the MTARGET team on a monthly basis.

  • Based on the bill Regular: The total payment has been determined based on the package purchased. Pay as you go: Total payment based on the number of email sent by the user

To find out more about the pay as you go package, you can contact our team via Live Chat on our website.

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